It’s official – we truly exceed expectations!

The Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI) recently visited Excel English to assess the quality of the teaching, welfare and other services we offer to our students.Β  After 3 days of observing our teachers in their classes, asking lots of questions in the office and speaking to our current students, the inspectors agreed that we are a really good school.

The ISI inspection is a new requirement from the UK Border Agency, to ensure that schools which are licensed as Highly Trusted Sponsors of Tier 4 General Student Visa applicants are reliable schools that carefully monitor the whereabouts of their students and offer them a quality education.

Having passed the inspection with flying colours and exceeding the inspectors’ expectations with the quality of our teaching and student welfare provision, Excel English are delighted to add the ISI to our list of accreditations!

You can read the full inspection report here: ISI Report Excel English November 2012.

ISI Accreditation Excel English

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