In London this week: Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years since her coronation

I know what you may be thinking –

“Wasn’t the 60th anniversary last June?”

Indeed, Her Majesty celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 – marking 60 years since she became Queen in February 1952.  However, what you may not know is that at the start of her reign, it took 16 months to organise her official coronation ceremony, which took place in June 1953.

So this year she has been marking the 60th anniversary of her coronation, with a number of official ceremonies.  After all, she is the Queen – she has 2 birthdays every year (one is her real birthday, and the other is her official ceremonial birthday), so we expect her to celebrate everything twice!

So how has the Queen been celebrating?

The main event was a service at Westminster Abbey, attended by all of the Royal Family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Almost all monarchs since 1066 have been crowned at Westminster Abbey and this special service was a celebration of the promises made by each monarch to their people.

Tower of London 62-Gun SaluteFor the first time since the Queen’s coronation, the St Edward’s Crown left the Tower of London to be on display in the Abbey during the service.  All new monarchs receive the St Edward’s Crown during their coronation.

Meanwhile, at the Tower of London a 62-gun salute was sounded in honour of the occasion, on a beautiful sunny day in London!

For more information –

  • Visit the BBC website to see a gallery of pictures from the Westminster Abbey service
  • Visit the Huffington Post for photographs of the royal guests at the ceremony
  • Visit the BBC Newsround website for an explanation of the Westminster ceremony

Come and see it for yourself!

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