What Our Course Participants Say

As a school that constantly aims to improve, we ask every participant in our Grundtvig-funded courses for teachers to tell us what they thought about every aspect of their stay; from their classes and accommodation to the social activities and support available.  We use this information to improve our services and thank our staff for their great work as appropriate.

Here’s what some recent “New Ideas for the English Classroom” participants told us:

“I really feel that I got what I wanted and needed and to be honest even more than I expected (being a teacher for a long time makes you think sometimes that you already know everything!)”   – Ewa B, Poland

“I really enjoyed the nice and warm atmosphere during the activities and I’m now highly motivated to plan my lessons by referring to all the new materials / ideas I’ve got from Excel English.”   – Britta, Germany

“The teachers are really well prepared, nice, patient teachers.  I enjoyed their sessions very much.  The atmosphere was relaxed – that’s what I needed at the end of a tiring school year.”    – Gabriella, Hungary

“It was great to communicate with teachers from other countries and share the experience of teaching English”   – Anna, Russia

“I learned a lot of practical activities that I’ll be able to use in my classroom.  I also refreshed my language as in Poland we don’t have many opportunities to speak to native speakers”   – Ewa D, Poland

“This course was useful to refresh my previous knowledge and I got a lot of new ideas for my future teaching.”   – Biruta, Latvia

” I’ve learned more about the way in which I can handle a mixed-ability class.”   – Maria, Romania

” I think I will be able to utilise activities which develop listening skills and encourage speaking skills.”   – Jolanta, Lithuania

How to apply

Our friendly Client Services Team are happy to help all course applicants through the enrolment process, and provide all necessary paperwork to assist with their grant application.

Full details of our courses for overseas teachers – New Ideas for the English Classroom and English for Teachers are available in the teachers section of our website.

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