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Handy hints for learning English

Students often ask us for advice on how to improve their English.  The truth is that everyone is different, and so there are many ways to do it.  But below is some of the advice we give our students, and we are happy to share it with you here on our blog!


Reading magazines and newspapers regularly is great for your vocabulary, and to learn a bit more about what is happening in English-speaking countries.

Perhaps there is an English-language newspaper available in your local shop – either one that is published in your country for English speakers, or an international version of a UK or US newspaper.  Even better, many newspapers have most of their content available free of charge online, so it won’t cost you a penny!  Here are a few newspapers to try:




We have one piece of advice for you here – make a friend.  Not just any friend of course, but perhaps in your town or university there is a student from the UK, USA or Australia who is in your country to learn your language?

Offer to meet for speaking practice on a regular basis – alternating each week between helping them with your language, and them helping you with your English.  They will appreciate an extra opportunity to practise with a friendly native speaker of your language – and you will enjoy the same benefit for your English!

Listening – Hooray for Hollywood!

There are so many English-language movies each year it is hard to count them, and you will enjoy some of them more than others.  But next time you decide to visit the cinema or buy a DVD, consider watching the Original Version of an English movie instead of the translated one.

Many DVDs offer the choice to watch in English with subtitles in your own language, subtitles in English, or perhaps you can challenge yourself to watch without subtitles at all.  It is a great way to hear new vocabulary and how it is used by native speakers.

Practise all skills using online resources

There are some great online learning resources available for English learners.  Our favourites are from the British Council (LearnEnglish and LearnEnglish Kids) and the BBC World Service (BBC Learning English).

  • British Council LearnEnglish includes Grammar and Vocabulary games, podcasts to watch and listen, and information about visiting Britain for yourself.
  • BBC Learning English offers sections such as Words in the News, Pronunciation Tips and General and Business English.

Take a look at both of these great resources today and check them regularly for new content!

Come to the UK – learn English at Excel English

Of course, we believe that the very best way to learn English is to come to the UK to study  and be surrounded by the language.  Here at Excel English we have some of the country’s best English language teachers, and outside class you will have daily opportunities to practise your English.  You can-

  • listen to the radio while you read a newspaper in our Student Room
  • borrow books and DVDs from our Self Access Centre
  • take part in our Social Programme to make friends from around the world and practise your English
  • live with native English speakers in our local homestay accommodation
  • use your Excel English Online subscription (free to all adult students) to practise all your skills during your course and for 3 months afterwards!

To find out more about joining a course at Excel English visit the English for Adults section of our website or contact us.

Share your hints and tips

Do you have any useful advice to help other students learning English?  Why not share it with us in the comments section below!

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