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IELTS Results – congratulations!

On Friday (7 March 2014) we learned that our latest IELTS candidates had received their results and we are delighted with their outcomes.

These students are all studying with us in order to improve their level of English so that they can study at UK universities in September.  They decided to take the IELTS Preparation Course and exam in February to find out how much more their English needs to improve to get their target IELTS results before they leave Excel English in May.

As a result, we and they were expecting their results to show progress towards their targets (these targets were between 6.5 and 7.0, depending upon the university course they want to take).  So we were truly amazed to find that 3 of the 5 students have already achieved their target level and the other 2 are very close to reaching it.

Of course, the main credit for these results must go to the students whose hard work resulted in such amazing test scores.  However we would also like to congratulate our dedicated and supportive teachers, who have helped these students to improve their level of English in general English classes over the past few months, as well as teaching them the techniques they needed to get the best result on exam day.  We are proud to have such excellent students and staff here in our school!

IELTS Preparation Course Coming Soon

A reminder that our next IELTS Preparation course will begin on Monday 31 March 2014, and there are still a few spaces remaining.

Click here to find out more about IELTS Preparation courses at Excel English, London

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