London Buses Will not accept cash payments from 6 July 2014

Travelling by Bus in London

This is a quick reminder that from this Sunday (6 July 2014), London’s buses will no longer accept cash payment for travel.

How does this affect you?

This change means that you must have enough credit on your Oyster card for your journey.  The current Oyster fare for a single bus journey is £1.45.  If you do not have credit on your Oyster card, the bus driver will not accept a cash payment instead.

Where can you Top Up your Oyster card?

You can Top Up your Oyster card at any London Underground station, as well as at one of the many shops which display the “Oyster” sign.  You can also register your Oyster Card on the Transport for London website, which will allow you to Top Up your card online using a credit or debit card.

Still Confused?

If you have any questions, please come and speak to a member of staff at reception, and we will be happy to explain this to you.

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