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New Security Rules on UK Flights

You may be aware that the security rules on flights departing from the UK have now changed.  The main difference is that security officers will now inspect your electronic devices more closely.

How will this affect you?

If you have any electronic devices in your hand luggage, security officers will ask you to switch on the device to prove that it is genuine.  If you cannot switch on the device (for example because the battery has no power remaining), they will not allow you to take your device onto the flight.

UK airport officials claim that the new security measures will not affect the length of time you will spend passing through the security checks.

How can you ensure that you will be able to take your device onto your flight?

Make sure that your device has enough power left in the battery, in case security officers ask you to switch it on – charge up your electronic devices before leaving for the airport.

Which electronic devices will be inspected?

These new inspections apply to any electronic device you are carrying in your hand luggage, including laptops, tablet computers, mp3 players, cameras, electronic book readers and mobile phones.

Do you have more questions?

If you do not understand this information, or you have other questions about security procedures at UK airports, please come and speak to our staff in Reception, who will be happy to give you the information you need before you leave the UK.

New UK Flight Rules July 2014 information from www.excelenglish.co.uk

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