NEW COURSE: English for Olympic Volunteers

English for Olympic Volunteers

London is an Olympic city. We are the only city to host the games 3 times and London 2012 is widely considered to be the best Olympics to date. One of the main reasons it was so special was because of the people working there, the volunteers.


We have a very special language and culture course adapted for the needs of people volunteering for the Olympics, especially Tokyo 2020. Students will learn about London’s Olympic heritage while visiting various Olympic sites across the city.

They will take part in a specialist language course, learning the language necessary for volunteering at the Olympics while also learning about the organisation that went in, behind the scenes, to make London 2012 such a success.


They’ll get to meet London 2012 volunteers who will speak to them about their own personal experience being games makers for the event. There will also be afternoon tea, a dinner night and 2 Saturday excursions included in the package. It is a great way to see the best of London and prepare them for a once in a lifetime experience at the Olympics.

The course will be running twice in 2019:

  • Monday March 11th – Friday March 22nd
  • Monday October 14th – Friday October 25th


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