Excel English 2014
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Win an exclusive Excel English mug!

Every adult student at Excel English receives a yellow or green mug on their first day, to use while they are studying at our school and to take home as a souvenir of their studies in London.

If you have not yet studied at Excel English – or if you forgot to take your mug home with you – you now have the chance to win your own mug.

Simply visit our Facebook page and “like” the competition image, and tell us which colour is your favourite (yellow or green) in the comments box.

The competition closes on Friday 6 December at 12.00 (GMT – London time) so make sure you visit the page soon!  We will announce the name of the winner on our page, so visit the page again to see if you have won.

Click on the image below to visit our Facebook page and enter the competition –

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Handy hints for learning English

Students often ask us for advice on how to improve their English.  The truth is that everyone is different, and so there are many ways to do it.  But below is some of the advice we give our students, and we are happy to share it with you here on our blog!


Reading magazines and newspapers regularly is great for your vocabulary, and to learn a bit more about what is happening in English-speaking countries.

Perhaps there is an English-language newspaper available in your local shop – either one that is published in your country for English speakers, or an international version of a UK or US newspaper.  Even better, many newspapers have most of their content available free of charge online, so it won’t cost you a penny!  Here are a few newspapers to try:




We have one piece of advice for you here – make a friend.  Not just any friend of course, but perhaps in your town or university there is a student from the UK, USA or Australia who is in your country to learn your language?

Offer to meet for speaking practice on a regular basis – alternating each week between helping them with your language, and them helping you with your English.  They will appreciate an extra opportunity to practise with a friendly native speaker of your language – and you will enjoy the same benefit for your English!

Listening – Hooray for Hollywood!

There are so many English-language movies each year it is hard to count them, and you will enjoy some of them more than others.  But next time you decide to visit the cinema or buy a DVD, consider watching the Original Version of an English movie instead of the translated one.

Many DVDs offer the choice to watch in English with subtitles in your own language, subtitles in English, or perhaps you can challenge yourself to watch without subtitles at all.  It is a great way to hear new vocabulary and how it is used by native speakers.

Practise all skills using online resources

There are some great online learning resources available for English learners.  Our favourites are from the British Council (LearnEnglish and LearnEnglish Kids) and the BBC World Service (BBC Learning English).

  • British Council LearnEnglish includes Grammar and Vocabulary games, podcasts to watch and listen, and information about visiting Britain for yourself.
  • BBC Learning English offers sections such as Words in the News, Pronunciation Tips and General and Business English.

Take a look at both of these great resources today and check them regularly for new content!

Come to the UK – learn English at Excel English

Of course, we believe that the very best way to learn English is to come to the UK to study  and be surrounded by the language.  Here at Excel English we have some of the country’s best English language teachers, and outside class you will have daily opportunities to practise your English.  You can-

  • listen to the radio while you read a newspaper in our Student Room
  • borrow books and DVDs from our Self Access Centre
  • take part in our Social Programme to make friends from around the world and practise your English
  • live with native English speakers in our local homestay accommodation
  • use your Excel English Online subscription (free to all adult students) to practise all your skills during your course and for 3 months afterwards!

To find out more about joining a course at Excel English visit the English for Adults section of our website or contact us.

Share your hints and tips

Do you have any useful advice to help other students learning English?  Why not share it with us in the comments section below!

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It’s official – we are a Centre of Excellence!

Excel English are proud to announce that following the publication of our British Council Inspection Report, we have been awarded ‘Centre of Excellence’ status by the leading English language industry newspaper, The EL Gazette.

EL Gazette Centre of Excellence 2013 (3)

When our Principal, Judy Loren, established Excel English in 1989, she decided that her school should be dedicated to excellence.  This award proves that her philosophy is the right one – Excel English employs the very best teachers and administrative staff, provides the best facilities and support to our students and is located in the sought-after London location of Muswell Hill.

Judy says –

“This award is recognition of the hard work and dedication of all our staff, to help our students achieve their dreams and have an amazing time here in London while they study.  2014 is our silver jubilee year here at Excel English – the school was established in 1989 – so this is the perfect time to be declared in the top 2% of English schools in the UK.”

Since opening our doors in 1989, more than ten thousand students have joined Excel English to improve their language skills and boost their confidence in using English in their everyday lives.  Now we can say that what we have always promised them is officially true – Excel English is one of the very best places to learn English in the UK!

Update June 2014: Following their recent British Council inspection, we are delighted to hear that our colleagues in The English Network, Wimbledon School of English, have joined us at the top of the rankings in London, with 15 areas of strength in their report.  Congratulations!

More information

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2014 Price List now available

Excel English, London, has announced new prices for our 2014 courses.

Important changes for 2014 –

  • The Explore London Experience (Junior summer programme) – now extended to 9 August 2014.  Age limit now 12 – 16 years.  17-year-old students will be welcome in our adult school.
  • Summer programmes – Double Intensive not included in the price list as majority of students prefer free time to take part in social activities.  If you require a Double Intensive programme (30 hours per week) please contact us and we will prepare a tailored quotation for you.
  • Business & Professional programmes are no longer listed separately in our price list.  If you have special English language requirements, we recommend the Intensive Combination English programme, which includes general English in group classes, together with private tuition tailored to individual requirements such as English for Business, medicine or law.

Click here to download a copy of our 2014 Price List 2014, or visit the appropriate section of our website to find out more about our English programmes –

Adults (16+)

  • General English – summer and year-round programmes available
  • Exam Preparation
  • Experience Programmes (English Plus)
  • Part-Time Programmes (3 to 7.5 hours per week)


  • Summer Programme – the Explore London Experience
  • Closed Group Programmes

Overseas teachers

  • Methodology Courses for Teachers of English
  • English Improvement Courses for Teachers


If you have specific learning requirements – for example business English or English for law – we recommend our Intensive Combination English programme.  This course includes general English group classes and individual tuition tailored to your own requirements.


A selection of local accommodation is available to all students taking a full time course (minimum 15 hours per week) at Excel English.  You will find information and pricing of accommodation options in the links above.

For more information

If you have any questions about our 2014 courses, or would like to book a course, please contact us on +44 20 8365 2485 or use our contact form.

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Why Choose Excel English?

Why should teachers choose a Grundtvig-funded course at Excel English?


Excel English has been offering courses for overseas teachers since 2003, when we hosted groups from a prestigious Russian university.  Our experienced team of teacher trainers are also part of the main English teaching team here at Excel English, meaning that the advice and guidance they share with our course participants are based on current, real-life experience and examples.


Following our recent glowing British Council inspection report, we were advised by the leading industry publication – EL Gazette – that Excel English is now rated in the top 2% of UK English language schools.  The EL Gazette has therefore granted us “Centre of Excellence” status, an amazing achievement in time for our silver jubilee year – Excel English has been dedicated to excellence since the school was established in 1989.


Excel English is located in Muswell Hill, a very fashionable district of north London.  Home of movie stars and famous pop singers, Muswell Hill was voted one of the “Top 5 places to Live in London 2013” by the Sunday Times newspaper.

Our students enjoy living in a safe residential area that is full of local shops, bars and restaurants, which is also just 25 minutes from the centre of London by public transport.  All of our accommodation is also located in this area, meaning a maximum journey time of 25 minutes by bus from the school (although many homestay hosts are in fact within walking distance).

Friendly, helpful staff

Our friendly Client Services Team are happy to help all course applicants through the enrolment process, and provide all necessary paperwork to assist with their grant application.

Full details of our courses for overseas teachers – New Ideas for the English Classroom and English for Teachers are available in the teachers section of our website.

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What Our Course Participants Say

As a school that constantly aims to improve, we ask every participant in our Grundtvig-funded courses for teachers to tell us what they thought about every aspect of their stay; from their classes and accommodation to the social activities and support available.  We use this information to improve our services and thank our staff for their great work as appropriate.

Here’s what some recent “New Ideas for the English Classroom” participants told us:

“I really feel that I got what I wanted and needed and to be honest even more than I expected (being a teacher for a long time makes you think sometimes that you already know everything!)”   – Ewa B, Poland

“I really enjoyed the nice and warm atmosphere during the activities and I’m now highly motivated to plan my lessons by referring to all the new materials / ideas I’ve got from Excel English.”   – Britta, Germany

“The teachers are really well prepared, nice, patient teachers.  I enjoyed their sessions very much.  The atmosphere was relaxed – that’s what I needed at the end of a tiring school year.”    – Gabriella, Hungary

“It was great to communicate with teachers from other countries and share the experience of teaching English”   – Anna, Russia

“I learned a lot of practical activities that I’ll be able to use in my classroom.  I also refreshed my language as in Poland we don’t have many opportunities to speak to native speakers”   – Ewa D, Poland

“This course was useful to refresh my previous knowledge and I got a lot of new ideas for my future teaching.”   – Biruta, Latvia

” I’ve learned more about the way in which I can handle a mixed-ability class.”   – Maria, Romania

” I think I will be able to utilise activities which develop listening skills and encourage speaking skills.”   – Jolanta, Lithuania

How to apply

Our friendly Client Services Team are happy to help all course applicants through the enrolment process, and provide all necessary paperwork to assist with their grant application.

Full details of our courses for overseas teachers – New Ideas for the English Classroom and English for Teachers are available in the teachers section of our website.

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IELTS Exam Time!

Good luck to the students in our IELTS class, who are taking their exam this weekend.

We are sure that your hard work, together with the excellent support and preparation provided by our teachers, will bring you the scores that you are aiming for.

We look forward to celebrating the results soon!

Excel English

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London welcomes a new baby Prince!

As a school that is very proud of our city, and our history, Excel English is delighted to join the rest of London in celebrating the birth of the new royal baby yesterday (22 July 2013).

UK Line of Succession Graphic.jpgAs yet unnamed and unseen in public, His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge (as he will be known) is already the most famous child in the UK.  We expect that the first sight of the newborn will be today when his mother Catherine, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, is expected to leave hospital with him.

The new baby is now third in line to the throne behind his grandfather, Prince Charles, and his father, Prince William.  Unfortunately this means that Prince Harry is now fourth in the line of succession, behind the new baby.

Royal Baby Easel AnnouncementThe Announcement

The baby’s birth was announced in the traditional way, with a framed notice on an easel at Buckingham Palace.  The baby’s name has not yet been announced, but it is not unusual for royal babies to remain without a name for at least a week (as with Prince William) or even a month (Prince Charles).

The Celebrations

In the meantime, London is celebrating the birth in a number of different ways –

  • Last night, the London Eye was lit in red, white and blue
  • Meanwhile the BT Tower broadcast the news that “It’s a Boy” – visible throughout central London
  • The fountains at Trafalgar Square will be lit in blue for a week
  • Today, there will be a 62 gun salute at the Tower of London and bells will ring at Westminster Abbey
  • At Changing of the Guard today, the marching band played “Congratulations”

The Statements

The news of the birth has been greeted with delight in the UK and around the world.  The Royal parents have said only that they could not be happier, but the best statement surely is from Prince Charles –

“Both my wife and I are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild.  It is an incredibly special moment for William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. 

Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone’s life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months, so I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future.”

How are you celebrating the new baby?

We would love to hear about your celebrations of the royal arrival.  Are you going to have an Afternoon Tea, or wear a Union Flag as a mark of respect?  Why not tell us all about it!

Find out more about the royal news

The BBC News website has all the information and photographs you could ever need –

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Newsflash – Cambridge Exam Results

Congratulations on Exam Success Excel EnglishExcel English are pleased to announce that all of the students who recently took their Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and First Certificate in English (FCE) exams were successful in passing the exams.

We would like to congratulate the students for their hard work and to thank our teachers, Carla, Andy, Huw and Tricia for the 6 weeks of excellent preparation classes which gave the students all the support and advice they needed to achieve these great results.

Join the next course

Our next Cambridge Exam Preparation programmes start next week – on Monday 15 July, and the final course for 2013 will start in October.

More information

Excel English offers preparation programmes for CAE and FCE, as well as IELTS and PTE, so if you would like to join our recent students in successfully achieving an English language exam certificate find out more about our programmes here!

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Summer’s Here!

We have reached July, and summer has finally arrived in London!  Here at Excel English we were happy to welcome new students on our adult and teenage general English summer programmes this week in beautiful sunshine.  We will be joined by a number of overseas teachers of English for the next New Ideas for the English Classroom course in the coming weeks, and our IELTS and Cambridge Exam Preparation Programmes for adults also start very soon.

So what can students expect while they are here in London to learn English?  For starters, lots of fun and friendship!  At Excel English we believe that happy students learn more, so we make sure students have comfortable accommodation close to their friends and the school, and we plan a programme of social activities, so they can spend time with their new classmates, exploring London’s famous sights and shopping districts.

Excel English students at Wimbledon 2013Last week our adult students were able to visit the tennis championships at Wimbledon, which is famous for strawberries and cream and for being one of the last remaining international sports tournaments where you can buy tickets on the day of play.  Other excursions planned for our adult students this month include visits to the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Borough Market and an afternoon tea party at school.

Meanwhile teenage students on our Explore London Experience have 4 afternoon excursions and two day trips every week, taking in sights including the British Museum, London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Chelsea FC, Oxford, the Tower of London, trips to the cinema, disco nights and so many more!

With so much fun you could be forgiven for thinking that we are not serious about teaching English.  But of course our dedicated professional team of teachers (we think they are the best in the country!) spend class time helping students to improve their English, and giving them the confidence to make the most of their time in London.  Overall, this is a brilliant time of year to be visiting the world’s best big city!

For more information about Excel English

There are still some places available on our courses for adults (age 16+) this summer, and if you need somewhere to live here in London, we offer homestay and residential accommodation – find out more and book your course now!

There are limited places available on the Explore London Experience from 21 July – 3 August – find out more here.

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